Heritage Homes

Kingsville is known as a Victorian town. Originally settled in the 1700's. It flourished as a trade, residential and tourist mecca in the late 1800's to the early 1900's. Kingsville's built structure boats connections with many famous international and local people. They include Hiram Walker, the distillery magnate' Albert Kahn, the architect of many buildings in Windsor and Detroit; and Colonel James King, after whom the town is named. Although, now demolished, the famous Mettawas Hotel drew international guests, originally arriving by boat and car.

If you enjoy history, come to Kingsville for a slice of it! We have heritage homes to see and there are heritage villages to visit. You can sleep in heritage accommodations and you can dine in them too! Whether you are looking for Victorian/Edwardian history, family roots or anything historical, Kingsville is at the center of heritage on the north shore of Lake Erie.

Also visit www.divisionoftime.ca, operated by the Kingsville Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee.

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