Trails for Walking, Hiking and Biking

Already a lovely location for doing all of the above, Kingsville is actively planning more routes and pathways. Have a picnic at Lakeside Park, taste award-winning wines or buy some fresh fish at the dock. All these destinations are within 1.6 km of the town centre and can be accessed by one of our many safe cycling routes. After you tour the town, there is much more to explore!

Kingsville is connected to the Essex County Bike Route and is a central starting point for many popular biking destinations, including Point Pelee National Park and Pelee Island. The Kingsville Active Transportation Committee is engaged and committed to improving the quality of life with chosen bike and walking routes throughout Kingsville, Cottam and Ruthven. They promote recreational trails, roadways, and pathways as great physical activity. See the map for routes and visit for new routes.


The Chrysler Canada Greenway

Kingsville has joined other municipalities in promoting walking and bicycling as methods of relaxation, exercise and spending time with family and friends. Extending through the southern part of the municipality is a portion of the Chrysler Greenway, the walking/ bicycling path that will eventually connect the whole of Essex County to the rest of Canada. Portions of the Greenway in Kingsville have been likened to Tuscany, Italy. Plans for extensions to the Greenway are underway. Kingsville enjoys its partnership with the Essex Region Conservation Authority, which assists in maintaining many areas of natural heritage, including ecologically sensitive and important forests and wetlands.

The Chrysler Canada Greenway, a 50-kilometre trail, is one of Canada's most beautiful trails for hiking, cycling, running, birding, cross-country skiing, and in some areas, horseback riding. It connects natural areas, rich agricultural lands; historically and architecturally-significant structures; award-winning wineries; and many other unique features. It is part of a 17,000 kilometres Trans Canada system, which is being developed and will be the longest trail in the world.

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