Pelee Island

Keeping its own time in peace and tranquility' Pelee Island is Canada's Best Kept Secret.' The island is located on the 42nd parallel, the same latitude as Northern California, Madrid, Spain, and Rome, Italy. A bicycle ride up the west shore is truly an extraordinary experience! A blend of aromas from the trees and plants unique to the island in combination with the offshore breezes is an absolute delight to the senses. Spend time at one of the beaches, go fishing, or visit one of many historic sites like the lighthouse at Lighthouse Point. Discover Vin Villa (c.1860), one of the country's earliest vineyard estates. The ruins are beautifully adorned by the natural vegetation of the island. Hike through Fish Point, Lighthouse Point or Stone Road Alvar nature reserves.

Take a tour of the Pelee Island Winery vineyards and pavilion. For lunch you can choose from an excellent selection of fine eateries on the island or have a barbecue picnic at the Pelee Island Winery.
Please check the J.V. Jimaan Ferry Schedule at Ensure you book ahead by calling 519-733-9305 or 519-724-2115 for more information.

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