Roadside Fruit & Vegetable Stands

Roadside stands are in abundance throughout the municipality featuring locally grown fruits & vegetables sun ripened to perfection and hand picked. Travel our main and sideroads to find your favourites. Several stands specialize in certain produce at specific times of the year, so you may return more than once.

The rich farmlands of the Municipality are a hotbed of agricultural diversity from sweet corn and soya beans to many acres of greenhouses, which are the largest concentration in North America. The greenhouse operators grow a multitude of vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers and are a major source of the fresh vegetables and fruits served throughout North America. The Essex County Federation of Agriculture is a proud supporter of the local farmers and invites you to visit one of our many farms and fruit and vegetable stands for a spectacular day trip or weekend getaway. Please visit the website at or call 519-776-5159.

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